Install a Better Plumbing System with Intech’s Licensed Mechanical Contractors

For industrial and commercial institutions, a well-engineered plumbing system is a reliable investment. Poor plumbing can lead to downtime, unplanned expenses, and even compliance violations.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Intech Mechanical offers superior plumbing services with experienced engineering teams and a full set of relevant credentials. As a licensed Master Plumber (Licence No. T95-0012203), we are fully qualified to handle your project safely and efficiently, and our superb attention to detail ensures a long-lasting system with high-quality components.

We specialize in commercial and industrial installations. For more than 20 years, Intech has developed and installed plumbing systems for businesses of all sizes, and we draw on our experience to provide every client with the same exceptional service.

Whether we are handling a service call or a comprehensive engineering and installation project, we always provide a prompt, courteous response. Intech Mechanical works to limit your downtime and deliver excellent plumbing solutions at a competitive price, and our experts are always available to evaluate your existing system or to provide a quote for engineering and installation.

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