Industrial & Commercial HVAC Systems and Machinery Ventilation

Exhaust and ventilation needs to be handled correctly to keep your facility compliant and to ensure optimal efficiency.

Intech Mechanical provides a comprehensive array of licensed and certified contracting services for machinery ventilation and HVAC systems. We have created superior systems for industrial and commercial facilities throughout Ontario for more than two decades, and our team of credentialed contractors can deliver fully compliant solutions with excellent attention to detail. From dust collectors and specialized machinery ventilation to machinery exhausts and make-up air systems, we help your business find the custom services it needs to stay competitive.

We also understand the importance of limited downtime. From the moment we arrive on site, we focus on providing prompt service with established safety controls and rigorous checks for quality control. Intech Mechanical gives your facility the premium services it needs to return to full operation quickly, and our extraordinary precision ensures that your HVAC or ventilation components function exactly as expected.

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